Coconut oil is one of the first choices of individuals who care about their health and need tasty and healthy oil to support their diet.But, it turns out that its close cousin, coconut butter, will soon become equally if not even more popular than oil.The best part about coconut butter is the fact that this special type of butter can be used in different ways like in addition to a coffee or spread on bread. Even though both coconut oil and butter come from a coconut tree, these two products are different.For example, coconut butter is produced from a mixture created by every part of coconut (even the flesh of this plant) while coconut oil represents extraction obtained from the fruit. Due to this fact, coconut butter is much richer in potassium, fiber, iron, and magnesium than fat. The only thing that makes them similar is that they are very beneficial when it comes to health in men and women.Coconut Butter Health BenefitsImproves ImmunitySeveral studies have shown that coconut butter is loaded with lauric acid. As some of you may know, this specific acid has the ability to improve immunity and eliminate dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As a matter of fact, lauric acid is part of breast milk which is used for immune system strengthening and development in newborns.Aids Weight LossIn case you want to shred those extra pounds, you can rely on coconut butter. This butter can boost metabolism which eventually results in weight loss. If your metabolism is fast enough, the body will be able to dissolve the food you consume faster, providing additional energy and letting your body burn fat and calories faster too.Additionally, this butter is packed with healthy fats used by your body for energy production instead of storing them as fat deposits. Finally, this fat improves the feeling of satiety and suppresses appetite.In case you consume only two tablespoons of coconut butter on a daily basis, you should be able to notice the results in less than 15 days.Keeps the Skin SafeBesides improving your mood, coconut butter can also help you enhance your appearance. This butter keeps the body safe from free radicals that affect the skin’s appearance. It also acts as a natural moisturizer because it is capable of deep penetration into the skin, making the tissues stronger.There are cases in which this butter helps people slow down the aging process because it also improves the elasticity and texture of the skin.Maintains Blood Sugar LevelsIt is known that the level of blood sugar can seriously affect weight. If the levels are high, then your body will have difficulties dissolving sugar. So, additional sugar found in our body is usually stored.If you introduce coconut butter to the daily diet, you should be able to shrink the DI (glycemic index). In this way, you can protect against a sudden increase in blood sugar. Coconut butter can also keep you safe from insulin resistance which is a symptom linked to type 2 diabetes.9 Tasty Ways to Consume Coconut ButterAs we have already mentioned, one of the best parts of this story is that coconut butter can be used in different ways. This butter has a very pleasant flavor and you can easily add it to different beverages, meals, and snacks.In other words, if you use coconut butter in your daily diet, you will spice up your meals and drinks and eliminate extra pounds while your brain and body will enjoy a myriad of health benefits. Simply use a spoon to get some coconut butter directly from the can or jar and consume it. Take some coconut butter, melt it on low heat, and put it on top of winter squash or sweet potato. Put it in a curry-based dish or fry it for an incredibly tasty flavor. Put it in a smoothie to get extra refreshments. Smear some of it on a toast instead of regular butter and put some almond butter to make it taste even better. Sprinkle melted coconut butter on top of berries in a bowl as a tasty dessert. Mix it with chicken or shrimp and use hot sauce too. In case you are a vegan or vegetarian use it on tofu. Put one spoonful of this butter on dark chocolate or cacao nibs to get powerful antioxidant effects. Use coconut butter instead of regular dairy butter for baking, to get tastier and healthier fat. Coconut butter makes baked goods drier so it is a good idea to add some ingredients that will increase moisture like oil or puree made from fruits.A Short List of Recipes for Coconut Butter SpreadsCacao Chip Espresso Coconut Spread Recipe One shot of warm espresso (room temperature is fine); Five tablespoons of coconut butter; One teaspoon of cacao nibs (raw); Two teaspoons of cacao powder (you can use an additional teaspoon of nibs instead); Half a banana; Some cinnamon; Two teaspoons of agave or maple syrup; A small amount of salt.Piquant Goji Coconut Spread Recipe Two tablespoons of goji berries. Soak them in hot water for about twenty minutes and drain them carefully before using them; Five tablespoons of coconut butter; Two dashes of cayenne; One banana; Three teaspoons of agave or maple syrup.Easy Strawberry Six strawberries; Five tablespoons of coconut butter; A small amount of salt; Two teaspoons of agave or maple syrup.Coconut Spread Based on Almond and Coconut Butter Three tablespoons of coconut butter; Two tablespoons of almond butter; Two teaspoons of agave or maple syrup; One banana; A small amount of salt; A dash of cinnamon.Instructions:Take all the ingredients and put them in a food processor or blender. Blend them until they get creamy. In case there is a need for additional liquid, use some water or warm milk (non-dairy variety). In case it is very runny, leave it in the refrigerator or freezer for a while until it becomes more solid.Feel free to keep it in the fridge for two weeks.Via Health Essentials | Whole New Mom | Lunch Box Bunch | 12 Minute Athlete | Faithful to Nature | Paleo Magazine | Go Paleo | Food Struct

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