There is no manual to help you figure out how to put on your shoes when you’re pregnant. The classic, What to Expect While You’re Expecting, may downplay the issues you are going to have with this seemingly normal task once you are displaying the proud mama baby “bump.”There is always the option to assign a family member shoe duty – someone to always be there to put your shoes on for you (or take them off), whenever needed. That isn’t exactly a feasible solution. Besides, you are still you, and a little independence isn’t too much to ask.So, how do you put on shoes when you are pregnant? That isn’t a set-up to a funny punch-line, but a legitimate question. A slide on pair of pregnancy shoes, by a company like Kizik, has the answers you are looking for.Step 1. Remain StandingPregnant or not, many of us need to sit down while putting on our shoes. If you have ever tried to put on your shoes while standing then you know there is no graceful way to do it. If there isn’t a seat readily available, we tend to “hug” or lean on the nearest wall, pole, chair, or nearby person so we can make some attempt to “slide” them on.When you are pregnant, this isn’t a safe or viable option. To state the obvious, when you’re pregnant you are (eventually) going to have a pretty large “bump” blocking the view of your now overly swelled feet. You may not need to see your feet to put on shoes, but actually being able to reach them with a bump will be impossible.You may think the answer to that is simply sitting down to put on your shoes. What happens when there is no place to sit? Luckily, a slide on pregnancy shoe would eliminate the need to sit or bend when putting on shoes which allows you to remain standing when putting them on.Step 2. Hands FreeA slide on sneaker that is completely hands-free, is step two of how to put on shoes when pregnant. Pregnant or not, it has happened to all of us. We are running out the door and our shoes are laying there, still tied because that is how we left them last. We are in a hurry so we don’t bend or sit down to put them on – we push our feet inside and bash down on the heel.Overtime, heel squishing becomes a larger problem. Eventually, this type of wear on the heel will destroy the sneaker. Not only will it no longer be comfortable, it isn’t fixable and you will have to replace your shoe. Kizik’s pregnancy shoes have a patented collapsible heel technology. Not only does it make putting on shoes easier for pregnant women, it prolongs the life of the shoe itself.All you have to do is step into your shoes and push down with your foot – the heel bounces right back up and the sneaker is on! You never have to bend or touch your sneakers again! And Kizik pregnancy shoes are not slip ons, they are actual sneakers!Step 3. Get Some SupportThe final step for how to put on shoes while pregnant is to get some support. Kizik pregnancy sneakers boast a comfortable, supportive, and stable shoe that you can wear all day, every day. They are also a company that provides a high quality level of customer support.A well-made shoe that will last beyond the duration of a pregnancy has to be made of high quality, stay on trend, and provide fashionable choices. With its proven customer satisfaction record, Kizik delivers. Their pregnancy shoes are available in a variety of prices ranges, styles and color options.When you’re expecting, there really isn’t a way to know for sure your “exact” shoe size. That’s another important step in how to put on shoes when you are pregnant – you need good customer support.Kizik offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You order a slide on sneaker that doesn’t fit (those feet just swelled up two sizes), all you have to do is send them back, no questions asked. Guess what? They don’t charge you for shipping either.With Live Chat available and easy access to contact information, returns are free and simple, and their support team is available to answer any questions you might have about the hands free sneaker.Putting on shoes, let alone sneakers while pregnant isn’t as simple a task as you would think. A normal activity that we do every day, suddenly needs careful consideration and planning when pregnant. These three steps should help get you started when working out how to put on shoes when pregnant.

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