Blackheads are very unpleasant clogged hair follicles in the skin and they usually occur on the back, neck, cheeks, and nose.They can occur in both men and women and make most people feel very uncomfortable.This is the reason why many people, especially women, try to eliminate them by using different techniques.Causes of BlackheadsThere are many causes of blackheads and some of the most typical ones include a poor diet, closed pores, frequent hormonal changes, and oily hair and skin.But, is there a way to eliminate blackheads in a safe and relatively fast manner?Yes!We will show you an excellent solution to your problem and the best part is that you will get rid of blackheads in less than 5 minutes!Ingredients: ½ lemon, A few drops of honey.Use a few drops of honey on the lemon and massage your face with the lemon.Try to focus on the areas that are most affected by this unpleasant occurrence.Rub for 5 minutes (or even 7 if this is your first time).You will be able to witness the result right away.Your skin will also look rejuvenated, smoother and shinier.Feel free to perform this procedure more than once a week.Via Life Hack