A healthy diet is not always enough to remove excess weight from your body. It would be best if you combined a healthy diet plan with regular exercise to get the ideal size you strive for. If you have the problem of having excess belly fat, this article will help you get rid of it without some expensive diets.

This technique includes the so-called “iron” exercise which is part of the yoga exercises. It affects the transverse abdominals, vital muscles for reducing abdominal fat.

With regular practice of these muscles, you will strengthen the abdomen, thus reducing belly fat.

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How to perform this exercise?

In the beginning, it might take longer until you stretch your muscles in the proper way, but as you practice you will improve it with less effort.

First, lie flat on the floor and place your hands beside your body. Relax your muscles and bend your knees. Slowly inhale and exhale, drawing the air only with the lungs. When exhaling, stretch the stomach muscles as much as possible and then exhale similarly.

During this process of inhaling and exhaling, you will feel a stretching of the abs muscles. Stay in that position for 10-15 seconds until you exhale again. In between, bear in mind to take short breaths. When exhaling, relax the abs muscles and breathe in the normal way. Release the air and repeat the technique.

You will need less than 3 weeks to fulfill your dream of a flat belly. If you want faster results, you should perform this technique more often, at least 5 times every day.

It will help you strengthen the stomach muscles while providing the results you always wanted. Your waist will be smaller in size while your muscles strong as iron.

So, if you have similar problems, start as soon as you can.

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