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The banana is a fruit that is constantly found in our diet, and in our kitchen. However, many are not aware of the benefits the banana can provide.

Bananas provide an immediate boost of energy because they have a big amount of fiber.

Furthermore, the banana can help with the treatment of many health problems. There are times when the banana is better than some medicines.

5 Usual Problems Bananas Can Help You With:

1. Blood Pressure

We are familiar with the fact that low potassium intake and high sodium intake can result in negative effects when it comes to your blood pressure.

You can obtain blood pressure at an optimal level by just eating a banana. How?

All you need to do is to add a banana to your diet and remember to eat a banana on a daily basis. It is important to eat it in the morning.

The banana has a high content of potassium, and that can help you with your blood pressure.

2. Stress

What can leave a great impact on our overall health is the disease of the modern generation, and that is stress.

The stress actually speeds up your metabolism, and with that, it lowers the potassium in your body.

Because the banana has a lot of potassium, it can help you normalize your heartbeat. Also, it can regulate the balance of water in your body and can send oxygen to the brain.

3. Constipation and Flatulence

Bananas have pectin. The pectin can stimulate the elimination of toxins and can boost your digestion.

In addition, this fruit has probiotic properties, also can ease the tension in the intestines which is usually caused by constipation, and can lower flatulence.

4. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome i.e. PMS

It is said that vitamin B can help you during PMS.  The banana has a high content of vitamin B6, and that can have a positive effect on blood glucose.

Furthermore, the banana can help you control mood swings, can help with the water accumulation in your body, and can reduce the pain in your abdomen.

These reasons are good enough for you to start eating bananas on a daily basis. If you are not a fan of this fruit, you can at least add it to your diet during your PMS.

5. Depression

If you want to improve your mood all you need to do is to eat one banana. Why?

Because the banana has tryptophan in the form of serotonin which is known as the happy hormone. So next time you are feeling depressed, do not hesitate to eat a banana.

Feel full, healthy, and happy at the same time.

Source NDTV | Music Source: Medical News Today

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