This is a topic that people usually avoid, but this doesn’t mean that this bodily function is not important. On a contrary, mucus (phlegm, snot, or booger) acts as some sort of lubricant for the human body.There are issues that are able to produce mucus in different body parts – the mouth, lungs, throat, gastrointestinal tract, and sinuses. All these tissues produce mucus that serves as protection for the surfaces of the body parts and protects the tissues from drying out.Mucus also protects the infection the body from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful germs. Whenever a substance gets inside the body without our will and the substance will probably result in illness, the mucus wraps the pathogen that doesn’t belong in the system and prevent it from full penetration into the body and the immune system. To put it in simple words, mucus is here to prevent illnesses.So, the gooey, unattractive, green thing which is intensively produced when we are sick is here to help us. Mucus is rich in enzymes, antibodies, cells, and protein among other things.All these substances are useful for the body, especially when we feel sick. When you are ill, you can notice that the production of mucus is significantly increased. The reason for that is simple – the body is producing a compound that can help us eliminate the illness. Although it looks gross, mucus is great when it comes to your health.Production of MucusThe body creates mucus all the time. However, people can’t see it all the time because it is typically thin and slides to the back of the throat. In other words, we don’t even notice it when everything is all right.But we all know that there are times when mucus gets stickier and thicker and this is usually the period when we are sick and we blow the nose all the time. Just remind yourself of the times when you had flu, cold, or AANS.Mucus can also change its consistency when the body is in touch with some allergens. Mucus will try to protect the system from the allergen. What is even more interesting is that there are certain types of food that can encourage the production of mucus. The Best Medicine To Reduce Mucus in ThroatHow To Reduce Phlegm?There are some foods that can trigger so-called gustatory rhinitis. This is a reflex reaction that is triggered by eating. The final result is overproduction and excess phlegm.Scientists have discovered that there are four specific types of food that can lead to excess phlegm. In case you want to lower or get rid of phlegm in the throat, you should definitely avoid these foods: Gluten Red meat that is rich in fat Alcohol Milk and dairy products.This is a list of foods that are known for triggering gustatory rhinitis, which accelerates the production of mucus, a feeling that is not very pleasant.Sources: Healthy Food House | Knoji | Diet Health Club | NDTV

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