Austria is the perfect holiday destination with beautiful surroundings, wonderful weather, many sights and, last but not least, large markets for shopping. After all, a holiday is not complete without a little shopping and Austria with its numerous shopping centers, small souvenir shops and colorful shopping opportunities Streets will make you buy the entire complex. So if you are an impulsive buyer, Shopping in Austria will inspire you thanks to the large variety of shopping streets and malls. If you are thinking of what to buy in Austria, don’t worry, because there are many products made in Austria that you would like to try, take home with you or simply put on display, like the typical Austrian high-end – Delicacies, Swarovski crystals and souvenirs. As a souvenir, you can also give away items such as small models of local scenes or traditional Christmas tree decorations, coffee, china and glass cutlery, etc. The list is endless!

8 incredible places to shop in Austria

If you don’t know where to buy the things you want then don’t worry, take a look at this list we’ve prepared for you to tell you the best places to go in Austria can shop. So prepare yourself for many rounds of bargain hunting at these large, colorful markets and enjoy loads of fun and surprise when you land in Austria!

1. Europark shopping center

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If you want to go to one place and do different things for your shopping, then this mall is one of the best shopping malls in Austria. The mall has almost everything you can imagine for shopping under one roof. This beautiful mall is huge and is home to more than 130 shops and restaurants. As the largest shopping center in Salzburg and the shopping center with the highest turnover in Austria, the Europark is one of the most popular places for travelers and locals alike. One of the reasons this mall earns brownie points from its customers is because of the 4,200 free parking spaces it offers. We believe that you will not want to miss out on such a great opportunity for shopping in Austria, including this famous mall, so come and explore this fantastic mall.

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2. Mariahilfer Strasse

Mariahilfer Strasse

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Mariahilfer is Austria’s longest shopping street and has a number of great shops and stores to explore. As soon as you step onto this great street, you will find that it is a home to almost all of the major department stores, large and small stores that can be found in this place, regardless of whether it is clothing, leather goods, furniture or accessories . If you want to shop cheaply in Vienna, Austria, this Marktstrasse is your best option as it has high to low priced products. The best part is that there are cozy street cafes hidden between the many shops, where you can rest your feet and recharge your batteries so that you can polish up your negotiating skills on this colorful market street. This market offers travelers the best shopping experience in Austria!

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3. Designer Outlet Parndorf

Designer Outlet Parndorf

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If you go to the country, you should definitely not miss out on the famous outlet shopping in Austria. Here you can not only shop in exclusive designer stores, but also get huge discounts. What could be nicer than getting your favorite goods at budget-friendly prices? The Designer Outlet Parndorf is a house of iconic fashion brands such as Prada, Armani and Gucci. You can also find the high street fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more. With normal discounts like 70 percent off, prices drop sharply during the annual summer and winter sales. From morning to evening from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. you can explore the streets and get hold of your favorite products at reduced prices. There are many restaurants and cafes here that serve delicious European dishes. You can also drop off your children in the specially designed play areas and shop to the full without a care. Free parking, big discounts, top brands, great restaurants, what is stopping you from shopping in Austria both graciously and cheaply?

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4. Naschmarkt


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The Naschmarkt, located between Kettenbrückengasse and Karlsplatz, is a huge market for dairy products in Vienna from the 18th century and is getting better and better over time. This open-air market premiere with fruit and vegetable stalls should be a must-see on any itinerary. In addition to fruits and vegetables, this huge market also sells many other things such as spices, homemade pasta, different types of pickles, bread, cheese and more. Among the many stalls selling delicious groceries, this large market has many small bistros that are as diverse and multicultural as the market itself. The market opens early in the morning at 6:00 am and lasts until 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm Clock. Although open until the evening, we recommend visiting the market early in the morning to enjoy most of the market’s flavors and spices. The bars and bistros are open here until 10 p.m., some even later. This Austrian market offers you a unique shopping experience!

5. Maria Theresien Strasse


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Some of the stores are meant to just sit around and enjoy the natural beauty as well as the appeal of a product. Maria-Theresian-Straße is famous for sitting and watching the world go by with the peaks of the Nordkette in the background. The street is home to many shops, including Kaufhaus Tyrol. The street has something to offer every visitor. Visit it too!

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6. Josef Manners chocolate factory

Josef Manners chocolate factory

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The main motive of this place is to provide chocolate for everyone. The chocolate factory Josef Manner is famous for the Manner hazelnut wafers. Manner hazelnut waffles quickly became one of the favorite names of children and adults with their delicious chocolate recipes. Some of the starter day recipes people liked so much that they are still available in the shop to this day. There are many other items that are exclusive here. If you want to take home a box of delicacies and sweet memories, then be sure to visit the Josef Manner chocolate factory. The Manner Shops are located at Stephansplatz, Vienna Airport, Wolkersdorf and Perg. Go ahead and drown in a sea of ​​chocolate.

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7. Linzer Landstrasse

Linzer Landstrasse

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Austria’s second largest shopping street, Linzer Landstrasse, begins at the baroque main square and leads to the Blumau junction, which runs through the entire inner city of Linz. The street is home to many shops to quench your shopping craze. Located near the train station, it’s easy to get to. This long street market with its international flagship stores and many souvenir shops is well worth a visit to see its high quality shops. In addition, the street is also popular with visitors as it is close to the New Dormitory, Austria’s largest church. What could be nicer than seeing the largest church and the second largest shopping street together in a single visit?

8. Pottery market

Potter's Market

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The pottery market in the Tyrolean town hall is the largest market in Tyrol that takes place every year and offers beautiful pottery from Austria and neighboring countries. Here the children can even learn to pottery and polish their pottery skills. Master potters clearly and patiently demonstrate ceramic skills to people. Isn’t it wonderful to learn a new skill in a new country?

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Austria is a wonderful holiday destination with a mixture of beautiful surroundings and numerous shopping centers. The markets, streets and shopping centers are easily accessible and offer you a unique shopping experience in Austria. Going to Austria and not having a shopping experience is almost like a wasted vacation. So make sure that when planning a trip to Austria, you still have a priority on your itinerary.

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Frequently asked questions about shopping in Austria

What should you buy in Austria?

Visit the famous shopping malls in Austria and you can buy Austrian beer, glassware, wine, clothes etc.

What is Austria known for?

Austria is known for producing paper and cardboard, metal goods, chemicals, iron and steel, textiles, food and more.

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