Seeing a lot of creative potential in your little one? Keep inspiring him! There are plenty of small, simple adjustments you can make to keep the curiosity and imagination running wild. The creativity could be in drawing, building things, dressing up or other ways, what’s most important is you’re there for them every step of the way!

Here are 5 amazing ways to help spark your child’s creativity:

Join in on the fun

When your little one is tackling a new project, involve yourself and do it together. Instead of just giving him instructions on how to do it, your child will be more inspired if he starts and finishes the project with you. This will also let him know that he is supported in his interests and that you’re really invested in his success.

Provide a creative environment

It’s ideal to keep them off gadgets. But if you’re taking screen time away, be sure that you have fun activities ready to keep him from being bored at home. Lay out raw materials like paper, glue, popsicle sticks, paint, clay, confetti etc. to help spark his creativity!

Help him expand his comfort zone

Seeing and doing things that are unfamiliar helps open his eyes to the world and expand his comfort zone. Seeing another culture is a good place to start to spark his creativity. Take your little one on a trip where you can observe a different culture (even if it’s just on another side of where you live). Try out their cuisine and do activities that you don’t normally do in your hometown.

Encourage friendships

While it’s important that your child learn from you, it’s equally important that he also learn from other individuals on their level. Learning with other kids can prove to be exciting and motivational, so find opportunities like camp or other extracurricular activities where children can feel inspired from each other.

Know his learning style

Kids learn and express their creativity in different ways. Keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all, so it’s important to observe your child when working on a project. You’ll learn how he processes things and what methods work best for him. In knowing his learning style, you’ll be able to keep him inspired and creative even more!

Above all, it’s most important to praise the effort instead of the outcome. Try these amazing ways you can spark your kid’s creativity!

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