There are many different feelings that we can experience in our bodies unfortunately pain is among the most frequent ones. Pain can be manifested in three different ways – perception, energy, and physical reflection. In addition, all of these types of pain can be linked to certain emotional states.

As you can see, it is not only the children who have to learn how to stay away from pain. When we learn how to do this and implement this knowledge in everyday situations we will be able to avoid pain and help other people do the same.

It is quite easy to predict how the body will react to pain. What you experience in your life every day is directly reflected in the body, so when you deal with emotional stress, the body will point out what kind of problem you actually have. What you need to do is to decipher the signal and act.

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1. Headaches can significantly lower the ability to make the right decisions. On the other hand, migraines are usually present when we have to make an important decision, but for some reason, we are not making it. Use a certain period of time to relax every day. There are many methods of relaxation that you can practice.

2. The pain that occurs in the muscles reflects a challenging capability to make progress in life. They represent our flexibility at work, in our homes, and even with ourselves.

3. Pain in the gums is often associated with decisions you avoid making or decisions that are difficult but must be done. Just think about your main goals and focus on the benefits instead of counting the loss.

4. Pain that occurs in the beck is a sign that you find it difficult to forgive someone or yourself. In case you are experiencing neck pain, think about the positive characteristics of the people you know and yourself. Forgiveness is something that we should all practice.

5. Stomach pain happens when people don’t process some negative news or events. If you feel that you are undervalued and not respected you will probably feel an unpleasant pain in the stomach.

6. Shoulder pain may signal that you are dealing with a big emotional burden. Instead of complaining and/or feeling sorry for yourself be active and try to solve the problem. Remember that you are not alone and leave some of the burdens to the people that are close to you.

7. Medical News Today signals to the system that you need better emotional support. There are cases when this pain is related to the feeling of being unloved. In case you don’t have a partner, it is time to become proactive.

8. Unfortunately sometimes we experience pain in the tailbone and sacrum. In this case, you may be avoiding some of the problems that are bothering you. Take some time and focus on this issue until you find a solution.

9. Web MD usually means that you are concerned about your financials or that you need greater emotional support. It is always a good idea to consult a financial planner so you can organize the money in a better way or maybe it is the right time to ask for a raise.

10. Many people experience pain in their elbows when they don’t want to make changes in their lives. This is especially true if the pain results in stiffness in the arms. This is the time when you finally need to make that step. Remember that a well-planned change is always good.

11. Pain in the hands occurs when people experience a lack of proper communication with people that are close to them. In case you have this pain, you need to think about your social life. Don’t be afraid to meet new people or intensify the relations you have with your current friends.

12. If you are carrying a secret or something as an emotional burden you may experience pain in the arms. Instead of carrying this burden or secret, you need to get rid of it.

13. London Pain Clinic – this pain is related to your personal flexibility (both emotional and physical). Don’t hesitate to experience new things, keep your mind open and enjoy life.

14. Pain in the hips is very common in people who don’t like moving. Painful hips are associated with resistance to moves and changes. Being too cautious when it comes to decision-making can also result in pain in the hips. If you are at a crossroads, you better make your final decision. Pain in the hips, in general, can also be related to a lack of emotional support and love.

15. NHS resembles your inability to enjoy things. Don’t be harsh to yourself and take some time to enjoy life. You can also bring some changes in your love life no matter if you are single or in a relationship.

16. Pain in the knees. According to many experts, the knees resemble our attitude toward other people and things. Knee pain is related to accepting the situation as it is. The outer part of the knee is your relation to personal issues while the inner part is related to work, friends, and community. It is very dangerous to be egoistic and listen to your ego. We are all humans and pride should not cloud our decisions.

17. Pain that results in fatigue. Resistance, boredom, and denial are things that prevent us from moving forward and making progress. Don’t be afraid to experience new things and listen to your inner voice.

18. Dental pain comes as a result of dissatisfaction with your current situation. If you feel the same all the time, this discomfort and dissatisfaction will turn into dental pain. Avoid negative thoughts and highlight the positive aspects of your life.

19. Pain in the feet. If you are depressed and in a bad mood, it is very likely that you will experience pain in the feet. The feet are part of the body that suffers the most from a negative attitude. Look for a new hobby or get a pet. Enjoy every day.

20. Odd pain in different parts of the body. Our body is active all the time and it is constantly trying to remove negative energy. If you have some unexplained pain that moves from one part of the body to another, it is very likely that your body is self-cleaning from negative energy. Wait for a while and you will feel well again.

Via Healthline

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